DP World is a leading facilitator of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple related businesses, from maritime and land terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-based trading solutions.

We have a portfolio of 78 marine and land terminals in operation with the support of more than 50 related businesses in more than 40 countries on six continents with a significant presence in both mature and high growth markets. Our goal is to be essential for the bright future of world trade, ensuring that everything we do has a lasting positive impact on economies and their societies.

Our dedicated team of more than 36,000 employees from 103 countries cultivate long-standing relationships with governments, shipping companies, importers and exporters, communities and many other important components of the global supply chain, to add value and deliver quality services today and tomorrow.

Container handling is the main business of the company and generates more than three quarters of its income. In 2016, DP World handled around 64 million TEU (units equivalent to twenty feet) throughout our portfolio. With its committed portfolio of developments and expansions, the current gross capacity of 84.6 million TEU is expected to increase to more than 100 million TEU by 2020, in line with market demand..

By thinking about the future, by anticipating change and innovation, we seek to create the most productive, efficient and secure commercial solutions worldwide.