About Us

DP World Posorja, Deepwater Port in Posorja, will become the one of the most relevant ports on the west coast of the South America placing Ecuador on par with the port growth that is developing both regionally and worldwide, boosting the competitiveness of the country with world trade. A new access channel with a depth of 16 meters will benefit all users, avoid greater risks and allow the maximization of cargo capacity for Post Panamax vessels.

DP World Posorja is committed to the community and the environment, offering customers, partners, shareholders and collaborators ways to create long-term sustainable value, extending the values of intelligence, courage, respect and pride not only to those who form the DP World family, but also the entire Ecuadorian community.

Corporate messages

Message from the CEO

Ernst Schulze

The company is a startup company and in the short time of its existence, many things have been achieved and good progress has been made. The company has a young, ambitious and very qualified team and things are happening!

The construction of the deep-water port in Posorja is a unique project for Ecuador. It will create tremendous opportunities for the country. The new infrastructure will provide high quality port- and logistics services for the state of Guayas and beyond. It will create new economic activities and will provide many new jobs in the Posorja/Playas and Guayaquil region. The new facilities will also create regional opportunities. New regional markets will be disclosed and new (foreign) investors and businesses will be attracted to the region..

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Message from the General Manager

Jorge Velásquez

Ecuador as a nation, is looking to move forward towards the progress and sustainable development of its economy. This is now a key moment for its positioning as a productive and enterprising country in the true direction of market participation and competitiveness at a regional and global level.

Reaffirming the motto of our CEO Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem “We go where our clients need us”; we look for business opportunities and we trust in the potential that Ecuador has. Therefore, DP World Posorja, as a private investor, wants to be the protagonist of this ambitious project of prosperity for the country, provided our grain of sand.

Contributing to this objective imperative is the priority of the DP World Posorja family. Towards this direction, as strategic partners with Ecuador, by signing a 50-year concession contract under the modality of Public-Private Partnership; We, DP World Posorja, have in our hands the responsibility and the commitment to make reality the construction, operation and maintenance of the Deepwater port of Ecuador in Posorja.

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