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The Deepwater Port in Posorja.
We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible manner is essential to build a solid and lasting business for our clients, our people and our society.
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DP World Posorja

Deep Water Port in Posorja

Will become one of the most relevant ports on the west coast of the South America placing Ecuador on par with the port growth that is developing both regionally and worldwide, boosting the competitiveness of the country with world trade. A new access channel with a depth of 16 meters will benefit all users, avoid greater risks and allow the maximization of cargo capacity for Post Panamax vessels.

DP World Posorja is committed to the community and the environment, offering customers, partners, shareholders and collaborators ways to create long-term sustainable value, extending their values not only to those who form the DP World family, but also the entire Ecuadorian community.

First deep water port in Ecuador with the capacity to receive ships of up to 15,500 TEU (Post-Panamax).



The project will have a new 20 km road to give direct, orderly and safe access to the port.


A new and more secure access channel to the Guayas River, 16 meters deep and 21 nautical miles long.

A logistics park with direct connectivity to the deepwater port of Posorja with more than 100 HA available.

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